What We Believe

We are sinners, saved by grace, doing everything we can to honor our Lord

Since the Reformation, Christian churches have used a combination of creeds, confessions, and catechisms to communicate their fundamental beliefs in a very clear, concise manner. At Bethany, we have done the same through our Articles of Faith. These articles represent clear themes and concepts taught throughout the Bible, but in no way do they rise to the level of scripture as authority, as they are written by man, not breathed by God. Each of these points are taken as direct scriptural teachings, in context, and in harmony with the overarching theme of the entirety of God’s word. 


There is only one true and living God and that there is a Trinity of persons in the Godhead, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, yet there are not three gods, but one God.


The scriptures of the Old and New Testament are the Word of God, and the only rule of faith and practice.

Original Sin/Total Depravity

Adam fell and that his sins are imputed to his posterity; that human nature is corrupt; that man is impotent to recover himself by his own freewill and ability.

Particular Redemption

God has everlasting love for his people; that a definite number of the human race are eternally elected to grace and glory, and that there was a covenant of grace and redemption made between the Father and the Son before the world began; that those who are elected to grace and glory are secure in their salvation and redeemed in particular.


Sinners are justified in the sight of God only by the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to them.


All those chosen in Christ will be efectually called, regenerated, sanctified, and supported by the Spirit and power of God so that they will be preserved in grace and not one of them will be lost.

Good Works

Good works are the fruit of faith and follow after justification, and they can only justify us in the sight of men and angels and are evidences of our gracious state.


There will be a resurrection of the dead and a general judgment, and that the happiness of the righteous and the punishment of the wicked will be eternal.